Process for Authoring FAIR Cookbook Related Academic Papers

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This document describes the processes used to author FAIR Cookbook related academic papers, which are typically submitted to peer-reviewed journals. This does not include talks and posters submitted to conferences unless the conference also publishes written proceedings.

On one hand, the primary focus of FAIR Cookbook is on producing open-source documentation and actionable recipes/workflows. To this day, many of our core contributors have academic positions and active research programs. This emphasis is also reflected in the usage of FAIR principles across all areas of scientific research. Given this focus on research, the ongoing academic careers of many FAIR Cookbook contributors, and our desire to have an impact on computing research, it is important for us to author and publish peer-reviewed papers on Jupyter itself. Authoring these papers in the context of a large, open-source community presents a number of differences compared to many research collaborations.


We have tried to create a process for authoring papers with the following general principles in mind:

  • Inclusivity and generosity in authorship. Hundreds of individuals have contributed to the different Jupyter subprojects. These contributions span code, design, documentation, discussions, giving talks/tutorials, etc. We want to be generous in extending authorship privileges and responsibilities to as many of these contributors as possible.
  • Clear, explicit criteria for authorship. While being generous, we want have concrete, specific and auditable criteria for including individuals as authors.
  • Openness. The process of authoring papers should be open in the same way as the rest of the project's work. Thus, all of our papers are written in the public on GitHub.
  • Accountability. Being an author on a paper is a privilege, but also involves responsibilities. The concrete processes described below elucidate these responsibilities.

We expect to author and submit papers to different types of journals. Different journals will have slightly different concrete processes that appropriately embody these principles.

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