Chemical Identity - Generating InChi Keys and SMILES strings:

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  • InChI


  • Programming Language: Groovy
  • Dependencies: CDK 2.3 # FAIRPlus SDF tools


To run the below scripts, you need a Groovy installation. The Groovy scripts use version 2.3 of the Chemistry Development Kit (see also doi:10.1186/s13321-017-0220-4). This library and its use in Groovy is further explain in the book Groovy Cheminformatics with the Chemistry Development Kit.

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Record validation

When generating InChIs, the InChI library may return two success states reflecting issues with the compound record in the SD file: WARNING and ERROR. This first script reports such issues:

groovy badRecords.groovy -f foo.sdf
  • Input: SD file
  • Output: Reports validation issues

Calculate InChls

Similarly, InChIKeys can be generated:

groovy inchikeys.groovy -f foo.sdf
  • Input: SD file
  • Output: list of InChIs

When the success state is ERROR, nothing is outputted.

Calculate SMILES strings

The last script calculates a SMILES for each entry in the SD file:

groovy smiles.groovy -f foo.sdf
  • Input: SD file
  • Output: list of SMILES strings


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